Pantry organizing

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share with you some practical and artful ways to label Spice Jars and pantry. I’ve been preparing to  tackle with this in my own rental kitchen, where a variety of mass-market plastic bottles are jammed awkwardly in a drawer. First and foremost decide how you’ll label your jars – all caps, lower case letters – think it through and pre-write it out if necessary.  (This might sound tedious, but if you are taking the time to hand-label the jars, you will probably be annoyed if you don’t love the way it turns out.)

Choose a color or black or white – match it up with your kitchen or pantry.  I chose the black permanent marker because it looks clean and it shows up the best with a variety of colored contents.

Here is the result, Let me know your ideas and what you think?


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